Escrow Company v.s. Escrow Account

What’s the difference between “Escrow Company” v.s. “Escrow account“?


很多人看到上面的兩個escrow, 會不經意地搞混. 讓我們先來從簡翻字義看看有甚麼不同?

  • Escrow company= 公證公司
  • Escrow account (also called an impound account)= 貸款 代管暫存帳戶

我們公證公司(Escrow company) 是由業務監督部 (Department of Business Oversight) 所監察ˋ所管理的,值得信賴公司, 由我們 在您交易的過程中, 暫時保管交易所需的公證文件或買賣金.

Escrow company = Escrow Holder, is an agent who service the buyer and seller, temporary holds the recordable documents or funds during the courses of transaction.

常常聽到很多人搞混Escrow account, 當您有一個escrow account 又稱 impound account時, 其實這個是您貸款銀行幫你設置一個暫存帳戶, 每個月在月貸款應付金(Monthly payment)之外, 多付約200-500不等(不限), 由您的貸款公司幫你管理, 這筆錢會放置到您的暫存帳戶裡, 應該付地稅或房屋火險的時候到了, 銀行會幫你自動付清, 這個的好處的是您不會因為忘記付地稅而導致國家來跟你追討這筆錢或者被罰高額(10%)的late fee.

When you have an escrow account, also called impound account.  This type of account is set up by your mortgage lender at the time acquires new loan.  In additional of your monthly mortgage payment, you will deposit monies into your impounds account.  Your mortgage lender will keep those monies in the account until property taxes (or fire insurance…etc) is due.  They (your mortgage lender) will pay it off for you. This way, you will never be late or get charge for expensive penalty of 10%.

關於Escrow (impound) account 的詳細, 請詢問您的貸款經紀人.  Please ask your mortgage lender regarding detail of your escrow (impound account).

看這裡文章: “What’s escrow?” 你知道公證公司是做甚麼的嗎?

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