Passing my first professional designation exam from CEA

從加州公證公司協會拿到獎牌了! 非常開心. ^O^ 辛苦學習與考試都得到了認證, 真是非常喜悅. 感謝相信我的朋友, 雖然我在這個行業裡, 比起來並不是最資深的, 但我非常喜歡我的職業, 每一個escrow都像是我的拼圖, 把碎片(conditions)慢慢完整(fulfill) 我會繼續加強自己,感謝大家的支持與鼓勵. 謝謝! I love what i do so continuing intake of knowledge and advancement in the field is important to me. Getting my first Professional Designation plaque last night at the SGV Escrow Association monthly meeting… This plaque is acknowledgement of the effort I put into this escrow profession. Thank you for all the support & love. I’m all ready for next one!

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