CEA 62nd Annual Escrow Conference

CEA 62nd annual conference vlog 😊 62nd CEA Annual Conference 第62屆加州Escrow大會 上百位Officer 齊聚一堂來學習新的法律update. 講員包函加州參議員麥摩耶爾、地產律師、美國Escrow總會會長、FBI地產詐騙調查人與銀行代表等等。#CEAConference #Updates #Law#Escrowregulation

CEA 62nd Annual escrow conference-my vlog! 😍 “You’re only as young as the last time you changed your mind. “ -Timothy Leary。 be ready for the change. 準備好跟著法律規定改變,世界每日改變,我們能做到的是不間斷的學習。裝備自己準備好。😄#CEAConference #escrow#CEASuperPower #LearningIsALifeLongProcess

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